Tuesday, September 11, 2012

love of my God

how do i describe the love of God?
how do i describe my Fathers love?
its like a river that has no bank
it is a river that breaks all dams
my Fathers love is every last
my Fathers love keeps me singing
if i was a soul without a body i would fly
i would fly to the heights heavens and back
but even these words are not enough
for my own thoughts cannot comprehend this feeling
mind mind shuts down when it even tries to think of it while my body burns with His presence

but how i grieve when i see lost souls
how i which they knew what i know
that they felt what i feel
for i know my God is stronger than any drug
His love is greater than any love

but i am only a mere human
i who am myself struggling to live this life
what can i do?
so i lay my life at my Lords feet
i empty myself at His alter
and i ask that He use me and my friends everyday till His work is done

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