Monday, January 31, 2011

the 10 laws of blown

you are blown if...

1. you burp like a frog
2. laugh for 5mins straight.
3. dont know that the port you are looking at is in fact the usb port you hv been searching for for the past 10mins. very loudly.
5. make blown laws.
6. keep declaring that your feeling hot.
7. if you believe japan is the capital of Tokyo.
8. speak in a language you dont know.
9. try putting the glass back in the shelf without opening the glass cupboard
10. contemplate on jumping from a height more than 10feet on the bunch of mattress

pls note: if you fit into any 3 of the above mentioned laws u r blown ultimate

Sunday, January 30, 2011


as i sit in sweet silence i wonder.... how can i be free... free from everything free from responsibilities... free from work... free from time...

the more i think the more i learn.... of what?? how to be free?? ney its how much more a prisoner i am. a prisoner of the world and its ideals. a prisoner of the law. a prisoner of my body a prisoner of my mind.

for the more i venture out the more it hurts. like a bonsai tree my roots cant grow deeper than the base of the pot. my branches not more than a foot. yet i am expected to bear fruit as much as those growing wild in the forest.

but is that really what i want?? to be wild and free with no one to control you no one to guide you no one to protect u.

do i really want the harsh wind and rain in my face the soil with all its creatures between my toes?? the thought of it scares me. what if i cant take the pain?? what if it only makes me weaker and not stronger?? can a fish really live among the sharks can a bird among eagles??

the more i thought the more i believed freedom and safety can be achieved by being secluded in a dark quiet place. a place where ones senses are deep in sleep. where one is not disturbed by anyone or anything. a deep dark eternity of silence....

but isn't that as good as death?? what am i coming to?? ultimate seclusion?? death without dying?? is this what i want??

no!! of-course not!! i want to live. i want to breath. yes i want to be as wild like a stallion... i want to be as strong as the trees of the rainforest. yes i want to fall and get up. to laugh and cry.... i want freedom not from the events of this world.

i want to be free to feel