Saturday, June 30, 2012

lifes little games

here is what i think of life- it can be your worst enemy of your greatest friend.
when its you friend it will paint you a pretty picture. one filled with unicorns and fairies. everything seems possible. everything thing goes according to plan (if u have one). even the toughest wars seem winnable.
i love it when life is like that. i mean which self respecting living creature wouldnt. the day is filled with laughter and nights are filled with the sweetest of dreams. every day you feel like you are having a sugar rush. on really good days people may even suspect you are on drugs. you smile so much your cheeks may just tear apart and you laugh so much you can barely stand.
we all love those days dont we? when you wouldnt mind hugging your sworn enemy. forgivness is in the air and everyone are free to go according to their whims and fancies without fear of judgment

then there are the days when life is your enemy. just when you are floating on cloud nine. it swirls around like a vicious snake and bits your ass. its as if it got board of all the happiness n decided some drama was needed. like a mad scientist it pulls and probes even bit of you while muffling your cries. every movement is so painfull. every plan reveals a dead end. and worst of all there is no relief. one pain follows another like the hammering of a nail. like a ragged doll even the smile on your face is stitched on.
the world around you a dark and desolate. nothing seems to make sense. nothing seems to matter. you dont know if you are moving forward or backward, right or left, up or down. all you can feel is the faint beating of your heart while life like a roman king sits on its high throne gulping wine, challenging you to fight if you can.
everyone is an enemy everyone a self centered creature. you can see saliva dripping down their ghastly teeth waiting for you to show the slightest hint of defeat