Monday, September 19, 2011

a night to remember

the evening of 19th september 2011 began with an ordinary plan 4 a movie.
primal as usual was late (n by late i mean a whole 45mins LATE ) wich was expected

we enter the theater n the ticket collecter asks me for an I.D CARD which was in my other purse which was at home.... now i know i know im short n look like a 7std girl but seriously...... when i say im 21 it means i am 21 :(  :( :( i mean d movie didnt even have any ADULT stuff in it :( .... anyways the guy in charge asked me my date of birth n i guess since i said it so fluently he was convinced (note this is not a tip for u underage people )

now the theater had 3 screens n pradeep had the tickets for the movie - mere brother ki dulhan ( my brothers bride) so v let him leade the way
after making our selves comfortable we saw the beginning credits of final destination 5 (screen 3). i immidiately started saying that v were in the wrong screen room. but my 2 lovelly n extreamlly smart companions saind that i was crazy n should be thankful that i even got in... so i kept my smal mouth shut.. n wat do u know?? the movie final destination 5 began :) (ha now whose laughing... whose the crazy one now huh huh ??).... so v push pradeep to go out n see which is the actuall screen room v need to go to.
meanwhile.... primal n i r wondering y does the movi seem to be double imaged?? n y is noone complaning ?? its only when v were leaving did v see the other viewers wearing 3D glasses .

now we were in screen 1 which was where we were supposed to be in the first place. luclly the movie was scheduled to start 15mins after FD5 so v didnt miss a thing.:) :) :) however a few minutes before intermission primal looses her clip. we spent some time of the intermission searching for it n finally found it !!!! in her bag X( X( X(

after the movie v didnt really know how to go home.... so since pradeep brought his scooter v went on a triple ride... which was quiet funny as pradeep is a hefty fello :)

we finally reached home safely n full of popcorn coke n laughter in our bellies :)

lessons learned
1) amulyas advice- always carry an i.d proof especially if u look like a child
2) pradeeps  proceduer- if u want to watch a movie in screen 1 first go to screen 3... watch 5mins of the movie there n then come to screen 1... dont forget to msg ur frnd to get out of screen3
3) primals psychedelics (i dont thik the work exists ) - if ur searching for something check in ur bag first.. it will save your friends a lot of trouble u a lot of embarrassment